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Torchy’s Tacos Levels Up Operations with Oracle Simphony Cloud POS: A Recipe for Success

Torchy's Tacos Levels Up Operations with Oracle Simphony Cloud POS: A Recipe for Success
Torchy's Tacos Levels Up Operations with Oracle Simphony Cloud POS: A Recipe for Success

Austin’s beloved Torchy’s Tacos, famous for its mouthwatering tacos and award-winning queso, has implemented a strategic upgrade to streamline operations across its 125 US locations. This move involves integrating Oracle Simphony Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS), a powerful technology solution designed to unify digital engagement channels and boost operational efficiency (https://www.oracle.com/food-beverage/restaurant-pos-systems/simphony-pos/).

Unveiling the Benefits

The adoption of Oracle Simphony Cloud POS unlocks a treasure trove of benefits for Torchy’s Tacos and its customers:

  • Improved Staff Management and Reduced Costs: Onboarding new employees becomes a breeze, inventory management gets a facelift, and service speeds hit the fast lane. These factors combined contribute to a significant reduction in overall operational costs.
  • Enhanced Online and Mobile Ordering: Placing orders online or through the mobile app becomes a seamless experience, potentially leading to increased sales and happier customers.
  • Real-Time Data for Informed Decisions: With Oracle’s magic touch, Torchy’s gains access to real-time data and analytics, providing valuable insights to optimize business performance.

A Commitment to Quality Never Wavers

“While each Torchy’s Tacos location boasts its own unique character, our unwavering dedication to top-notch ingredients remains constant across all our kitchens,” says Thai Tran, Chief Technology Officer at Torchy’s Tacos. Tran emphasizes the importance of a restaurant management platform that offers flexibility and integrates seamlessly with existing kitchen, inventory, and supply chain systems.

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Tech Stack Powerhouse

Torchy’s Tacos is equipping its restaurants with a dynamic duo: Oracle Workstation 6 and mobile tablets. This empowers staff to engage with guests tableside and transmit orders directly to the kitchen in real-time. Furthermore, by leveraging the vast library of pre-approved restaurant integrations available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Torchy’s Tacos has built a robust and adaptable technology stack that can readily accommodate future operational needs.

The Symphony of Data and Automation

The core components of Oracle’s digital technology platform, Simphony Transaction Services and Business Intelligence APIs, play a vital role in ensuring real-time updates. Menu changes are instantaneously reflected on guest-facing interfaces, while transaction data automatically updates back-office systems, providing unparalleled visibility into business performance.

Expert Opinions Weigh In

“Torchy’s Tacos exemplifies how modern restaurant operators can achieve a perfect balance between business performance and upholding brand promises,” remarks Simon de Montfort Walker, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Restaurants. He highlights that Oracle’s digital transaction platform empowers Torchy’s Tacos to experiment with new concepts and technologies swiftly, ultimately creating a win-win situation for the business, its guests, and its staff.

Torchy’s Chooses Innovation

Torchy’s Tacos’ selection of Oracle in Q4 FY2023 underscores its unwavering commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to elevate operational efficiency and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. This strategic move positions Torchy’s Tacos for continued success in the ever-evolving restaurant industry.


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