Home News Mohbad’s Death Cause Undetermined, N50 Million Reward Offered

Mohbad’s Death Cause Undetermined, N50 Million Reward Offered

Mohbad's Death Cause Undetermined, N50 Million Reward Offered
Mohbad's Death Cause Undetermined, N50 Million Reward Offered

The Nigerian music industry continues to grapple with the unresolved death of Afrobeat artist Ilerioluwa Aloba, known professionally as Mohbad. A recent autopsy conducted at the Ikorodu High Court failed to determine the cause of death, deepening the ongoing controversy surrounding his passing on September 12, 2023.

Key Developments:

  • Autopsy Inconclusive: Despite a coroner’s inquest mandated by the Lagos State government, the autopsy proved inconclusive due to the body’s decomposed state. This has fueled public speculation and renewed demands for answers.
  • N50 Million Reward: In a bid to expedite the investigation, Larry Omodia, CEO of African Television and the African Foundation for Justice, announced a ₦50 million reward. The reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Mohbad’s death.
  • Investigation Continues: Legal experts emphasize that the investigation remains ongoing. Professor I.O. Smith SAN underscored the presence of other evidence beyond the autopsy report. The next hearing is scheduled for June 25th.
  • Lawyer Expresses Doubt: Mohbad’s lawyer, Wahab Shittu SAN, expressed concerns regarding the inconclusive autopsy results, suggesting the need for a more thorough investigation.
  • Witness Protection: Omodia assured informants of safety and anonymity. The foundation will provide the reward money and facilitate relocation if necessary.

Concerns Beyond the Autopsy:

  • Journalist Arrests: The foundation raised concerns about press freedom in Nigeria, highlighting the arrest of journalists investigating the case.
  • DNA Testing Initiative: The African Foundation for Justice, in collaboration with international partners, is offering free DNA testing for all children in Nigeria.
  • Tribute Concert Planned: A “Sing For Mohbad” concert is being organized for September to honor the late artist.


Looking Ahead:

While the autopsy results provide a setback, the investigation continues. The N50 million reward and ongoing legal proceedings offer a glimmer of hope for finding answers. Mohbad’s death has also sparked broader discussions about press freedom and social justice in Nigeria.

This revised version utilizes a more formal tone and removes unnecessary conversational elements. It also emphasizes the broader context of the case and the ongoing fight for justice.


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