Home Entertainment J. Cole Collab Album: Top Contenders for a Legendary Project

J. Cole Collab Album: Top Contenders for a Legendary Project

J. Cole Collab Album: Top Contenders for a Legendary Project
J. Cole Collab Album: Top Contenders for a Legendary Project

Hip-hop fans have been eagerly awaiting a full-length collaborative album from J. Cole, one of the genre’s leading figures.

Often mentioned alongside Kendrick Lamar and Drake as part of a “Big 3,” Cole’s lyricism and production skills have made him a powerhouse. While he’s blessed tracks with guest appearances, a full collab LP remains a dream. Here, we explore rappers who would make perfect partners for a J. Cole collab album, creating a potential masterpiece.

Which Rappers Should J. Cole Choose For A Collab Album?

J. Cole

1. Black Thought: A Missed Opportunity?

J. Cole actually approached The Roots’ Black Thought about a collaborative project back in 2018. Interestingly, their contrasting desires stymied the effort. Thought sought a more aggressive sound, while Cole preferred a peaceful vibe. This difference in direction prevented a meeting of the minds at that time. However, the potential for a future collaboration with a more aligned creative vision remains exciting.

2. Kendrick Lamar: The Dream Project

The possibility of a J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar collab album has swirled in hip-hop circles for years. They even have a track together, “Forbidden Fruit,” from Cole’s 2013 album. Both rappers have spoken about the idea, even working on demos. However, their busy schedules and the immense dedication required for such a project have stalled progress. If they can find the time and focus, a J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar collab album could be a historic event.

3. ScHoolboy Q: An Unexpected But Intriguing Mix

J. Cole and ScHoolboy Q’s camaraderie extends beyond music. When Cole decided to remove his Kendrick Lamar diss track “7 Minute Drill,” ScHoolboy Q reportedly advised him during the Dreamville Festival. Musically, a full-length collab between these two would be a unique blend. J. Cole’s introspective lyricism paired with ScHoolboy Q’s West Coast gangsta rap style could create a powerful and unexpected soundscape.

4. Vince Staples: A Dreamville Reunion

J. Cole and Vince Staples were both part of Dreamville Records’ epic “Revenge of the Dreamers III” rap camp sessions in 2019. They even collaborated on a track titled “Rembrandt…Run It Back.” The chemistry between them on that project suggests a full-length collab could be phenomenal.

5. Future: Southern Comfort with a Twist

Just weeks after removing “7 Minute Drill,” J. Cole dropped “Red Leather” with Future and Metro Boomin. While some fans interpreted Cole’s verse as a Drake diss, the track itself showcased a potential future collaboration. Their combined Southern roots with Future’s signature auto-tuned vocals and Cole’s storytelling prowess could lead to a groundbreaking album.

6. Meek Mill: A Battle-Ready Collab

J. Cole and Meek Mill have linked up on tracks before, including a guest spot by Mill on Drake’s “I Can Never.” Mill’s battle rap background mixed with Cole’s production sensibilities could be a recipe for a hard-hitting and electrifying collab album.

7. André 3000: A Legacy Collaboration

J. Cole has openly acknowledged Outkast’s André 3000 as an inspiration, even sampling his work. While André 3000 seems to be focusing on other genres lately, the possibility of a collab with Cole remains a tantalizing prospect for fans. Their contrasting styles could create a truly unique and special album.


J. Cole collaborating with any of these rappers would be a cause for celebration in the hip-hop world. Each potential pairing offers a distinct flavor and the promise of a groundbreaking project. While we wait for an official announcement, fans can keep their ears peeled and hopes high for a J. Cole collab album.


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