Home Cryptocurrency and Forex Updates How to Transfer Funds to Immutable (IMX) zkEVM: The Best Guide

How to Transfer Funds to Immutable (IMX) zkEVM: The Best Guide

How to Transfer Funds to Immutable (IMX) zkEVM: The Best Guide
How to Transfer Funds to Immutable (IMX) zkEVM: The Best Guide

The launch of the Immutable (IMX) zkEVM mainnet has ignited excitement for a new wave of high-profile games. According to Immutable’s official website (https://www.immutable.com/), holding funds on Immutable zkEVM through your Immutable Passport empowers seamless play, earning, and trading across various games and marketplaces – all from a single secure hub.

This guide explores two primary methods for funding your Immutable zkEVM wallet: direct purchase and Ethereum transfer. We’ll also delve into security considerations and best practices for managing your on-chain funds.

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Funding Methods:

1. Direct Coin Purchase:

The Immutable Toolkit provides a user-friendly way to directly purchase cryptocurrencies on Immutable zkEVM using familiar payment methods:

  • Steps:
    • Navigate to the “Buy Coins” section within Immutable Toolkit.
    • Connect your wallet (either Immutable Passport or MetaMask).
    • Follow prompts from Transak, the on-ramp provider, to specify the amount you wish to purchase, enter your payment details, and complete identity verification.
    • Once complete, your Immutable zkEVM wallet will be funded.

2. Transferring Funds from Ethereum (L1 to L2):

If you already hold crypto on the Ethereum mainnet (L1), transferring it to Immutable zkEVM’s Layer 2 (L2) network is a secure and convenient option. The Immutable Toolkit facilitates this process between MetaMask and Immutable Passport.

  • Steps:
    • Access the “Move Coins” section within Immutable Toolkit.
    • Select the origin wallet and network (where your funds reside) and the destination (Immutable zkEVM).
    • Choose the amount of tokens you want to transfer, review the transaction details, and approve it.
    • Your Immutable zkEVM wallet will be successfully funded.

Considerations and Best Practices:


  • Enable Security Measures: Prioritize robust security measures for your on-chain funds. Consider two-factor authentication and utilizing the secure Immutable Passport wallet.
  • Beware of Social Engineering: Remain vigilant against social engineering scams. Never share your private keys or seed phrases with anyone.

Cost Efficiency:

  • Gas Fees: Be mindful of gas fees, which can fluctuate based on network congestion. Direct purchases may incur higher fees initially. However, once your funds are on Immutable zkEVM, gas fees are significantly lower.

Staying Informed:

  • Updates and Resources: Regularly check the Immutable Toolkit and Immutable Passport for the latest information on funding methods, reward programs, and upcoming games.


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