Home Entertainment Ghana vs. Nigeria: Medikal Spars With Asake Over Who’s Wealthier

Ghana vs. Nigeria: Medikal Spars With Asake Over Who’s Wealthier

Ghana vs. Nigeria: Medikal Spars With Asake Over Who's Wealthier
Ghana vs. Nigeria: Medikal Spars With Asake Over Who's Wealthier

Is Medikal Wealthier Than Asake? Nigerian Fans React to Bold Claim. Medikal vs. Asake: Net Worth Debate Heats Up As Fans React. Its Ghana vs. Nigeria Again.

Ghanaian rap kingpin Medikal has ignited a social media inferno by declaring his financial dominance over rising Nigerian Afrobeats star, Asake. This explosive claim comes amidst a simmering feud between Ghanaian rappers and Nigerian rapper Dremo.

The Spark That Ignited the Flame

The controversy erupted when a prominent Nigerian social media influencer, @_AsiwajuLerry, took to Twitter (X) and seemingly downplayed the achievements of Ghanaian artists. @_AsiwajuLerry’s statement, perceived as dismissive, suggested that even Ghana’s most celebrated musician wouldn’t hold a candle to Asake’s burgeoning success.

Medikal Counters with Wealth Flex

Medikal, a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian music scene, wasn’t about to let this jab go unanswered. He took to social media to directly address @_AsiwajuLerry’s comments, asserting his own financial prowess. Medikal boldly claimed that Asake, despite his recent rise to fame, couldn’t compete with his wealth.

A Divided Fanbase: Team Medikal vs. Team Asake

A Divided Fanbase: Team Medikal Vs. Team Asake
A Divided Fanbase: Team Medikal vs. Team Asake

This audacious claim by Medikal has sparked a heated online debate, with fans fiercely defending their preferred artist. The comments section of Medikal’s post has become a battleground, with fans divided.

  • Team Medikal: Some fans staunchly support Medikal, citing his long-standing success in the music industry and his involvement in various business ventures as evidence of his superior wealth.

  • Team Asake: Others passionately back Asake, pointing to his recent historic achievement of selling out London’s prestigious O2 Arena as a testament to his meteoric rise and potential for even greater financial success.

Social Media Reactions: Fans Sound Off

The online discourse surrounding this controversy is nothing short of electrifying. Here’s a glimpse into what fans are saying:

  • “oluwafifunmii” throws shade at Medikal, questioning his audacity to compare himself to Asake who just conquered the O2 Arena main stage.

  • “al_varo777” firmly aligns with Medikal, declaring that after selling out the O2, no one, not even Asake, can compete with him on any level.

  • “boss_henryy” acknowledges the power of wealth while also recognizing Asake’s undeniable talent and financial potential.

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The Verdict: Who Wins the Wealth War?

Unfortunately, due to the private nature of celebrity finances, definitively determining who holds the true wealth crown between Medikal and Asake is nearly impossible. However, this social media firestorm has undeniably placed both artists under a financial microscope, sparking interesting conversations about the booming Afrobeats industry and the wealth it generates for its top stars.


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