Home Entertainment Tiwa Savage: Queen of Afrobeats and More – 10 Fascinating Facts (2024)

Tiwa Savage: Queen of Afrobeats and More – 10 Fascinating Facts (2024)

Tiwa Savage: Queen of Afrobeats and More - 10 Fascinating Facts (2024)
Tiwa Savage: Queen of Afrobeats and More - 10 Fascinating Facts (2024)

The Unstoppable Tiwa Savage: Dominating Stages and Breaking Barriers. Are you a true Afrobeats aficionado? Even the most dedicated fans might be surprised by some hidden gems about the incomparable Tiwa Savage.

Delve deeper into the world of this award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur with these 10 captivating facts:

Tiwa The Queen
Tiwa The Queen
  1. Early Start, Global Exposure (16-Year-Old Powerhouse): Tiwa Savage’s musical journey began at an impressive 16, providing backup vocals for legendary artists like George Michael and Mary J. Blige. This experience on the international stage at a young age instilled in her an invaluable understanding of diverse musical styles and the inner workings of the industry.

  2. X Factor Polish: From UK to Afrobeats Stardom: Before captivating Nigerian audiences with her electrifying performances, Tiwa Savage tested the waters on the prestigious UK’s X Factor. Though she didn’t take home the crown, the experience honed her skills and prepared her for the massive success that awaited her.

  3. Genre-Bending Queen: Afrobeats, R&B, Pop, and Beyond: Tiwa Savage’s musical genius transcends genre limitations. While she reigns supreme as the Afrobeats queen, captivating listeners with infectious beats, her music seamlessly blends elements of R&B, pop, and even hip-hop. This artistic versatility has garnered her a global fanbase and a coveted MTV Europe Music Award, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the international music scene.

  4. Mastering the Craft: Berklee College of Music Graduate: Adding another layer of impressive achievement, Tiwa Savage is not just a talented performer; she’s a dedicated student of music. She honed her skills at the esteemed Berklee College of Music, a testament to her commitment to perfecting both the electrifying energy of Afrobeats and the soulful melodies of Western music.

  5. Double Threat: From Accounting to Afrobeats Stardom: Did you know Tiwa Savage possesses a degree in accounting alongside her music accolades? This lesser-known fact showcases her well-rounded skillset and intellectual prowess.

  6. Lagos Roots, London Influences: A Sound Uniquely Her Own: Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised partly in London, Tiwa Savage’s background is intricately woven into the fabric of her music. Her sound reflects a captivating fusion of Afrobeats, a genre deeply rooted in Nigerian culture, and Western musical influences, creating a sound that’s undeniably hers.

  7. Paving the Way: First Nigerian Female BET Nominee: Tiwa Savage’s groundbreaking achievements extend far beyond awards. In 2014, she shattered glass ceilings by becoming the first female Nigerian artist nominated for a BET award, a prestigious recognition in the African American entertainment industry. This nomination cemented her status as a trailblazer for Nigerian female musicians.

  8. Music and Fashion Icon: The Businesswoman Behind the Beats: Tiwa Savage is a multi-faceted powerhouse. Beyond her musical brilliance, she’s a savvy businesswoman. She established her own fashion line, “55 55,” showcasing her creative talents beyond the stage. Additionally, her collaborations with major brands like Pepsi and Forte Oil solidify her influence as a successful entrepreneur.

  9. Bread: The Queen’s Simple Pleasure: While many might expect a sophisticated palate, Tiwa Savage’s favorite food might surprise you. In a delightful twist, the “Bad” crooner revealed to Billboard that her go-to comfort food is none other than bread.

  10. Royal Recognition: First Nigerian Performer at a Coronation: In a historic moment for Afrobeats and Nigeria, Tiwa Savage took the stage at Windsor Castle in England in May 2023 to perform for King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s coronation concert. This unprecedented occasion marked the first time a Nigerian artist had ever performed at a royal coronation, solidifying her place as a global icon.


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