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Animoca Brands and EVG Forge Deeper Ties: A Strategic Partnership for Web3 Domination

Animoca Brands and EVG Forge Deeper Ties: A Strategic Partnership for Web3 Domination
Animoca Brands and EVG Forge Deeper Ties: A Strategic Partnership for Web3 Domination

Animoca Brands, a leader in digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, has solidified its partnership with prominent Web3 venture builder Everest Ventures Group (EVG) through a strategic collaboration and cross-investment deal.

This move signifies a significant step towards accelerating mass adoption of Web3 technologies and fostering innovation within the blockchain gaming and metaverse sectors.

Shared Vision for the Future

Both companies share a common vision of building a robust Web3 ecosystem with real-world applications. This partnership leverages their combined strengths and resources to achieve this goal. Animoca Brands’ expertise in the open metaverse and digital ownership, coupled with EVG’s venture building prowess in Asia, creates a powerful synergy.

Supporting Cutting-Edge Web3 Projects

As part of the agreement, Animoca Brands will provide support for several of EVG’s upcoming consumer products in 2024, designed to enhance user accessibility within the Web3 space. These products include:

  • OpenSocial Protocol: A scalable infrastructure for social applications within Web3.
  • Zeek: A decentralized network facilitating social bounties and reputation management on the blockchain.
  • Legend of Arcadia: A turn-based RPG emphasizing community engagement.
  • Last Odyssey: A kingdom simulation game offering rich strategic gameplay.

In turn, EVG will invest in various Animoca Brands projects that champion digital property rights, including:

  • Darewise: A Web3 studio pioneering the Bitcoin metaverse.
  • Anichess: An on-chain chess game with a unique magic system.
  • Mocaverse: A growth network with interoperable infrastructure for a seamless metaverse experience.

Industry Leader Recognition

Yat Siu, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, acknowledging EVG’s role as a longstanding partner and commending their dedication to building impactful projects. He emphasized his belief in EVG’s initiatives and their potential for achieving mass adoption.

Allen Ng, EVG’s co-founding CEO, shared Siu’s optimism and highlighted the resilience of both companies in navigating market challenges. Ng emphasized the importance of real-world use cases and innovative products as key drivers of long-term Web3 adoption, not mere speculation.

Unveiling the Potential of Asian Blockchain Markets

Animoca Brands and EVG recognize the immense potential within the burgeoning Asian blockchain and creator economies. This partnership positions them to capitalize on the rapid adoption trends in the region and shape the future of the internet landscape in Asia.

Looking Ahead: A Collaborative Future for Web3

This strategic partnership between Animoca Brands and EVG signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3. By combining their expertise and resources, both companies are poised to drive innovation, foster user adoption, and unlock the full potential of the decentralized future.

For more information on this strategic partnership, please visit Animoca Brands.


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