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Top 11 Crypto Influencers You Should Follow on LinkedIn for 2024

Top 11 Crypto Influencers You Should Follow on LinkedIn for 2024
Top 11 Crypto Influencers You Should Follow on LinkedIn for 2024

Crypto Influencer: In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, staying informed about the latest trends and projects can be a challenge. This is where influencer marketing comes in. While platforms like YouTube and Twitter are popular choices, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to connect with established professionals and thought leaders in the crypto space.

Here, influencers tend to share in-depth analysis, industry insights, and project reviews, making them valuable resources for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Why Choose LinkedIn for Crypto Influencer Marketing?

  • Credibility and Expertise: LinkedIn users tend to be professionals with established careers and proven knowledge. This ensures you’re getting insights from experienced individuals, not just random hype machines.
  • Targeted Reach: Unlike broader social platforms, LinkedIn allows you to target specific demographics and professions within the crypto community. This means you can connect with influencers whose audience perfectly aligns with your project’s goals.
  • Long-Form Content: LinkedIn is known for its focus on professional content. This means you’ll find detailed articles, insightful discussions, and well-researched reports from crypto influencers, offering a deeper understanding of the market.

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Top 11 Crypto Influencers on LinkedIn

Top 11 Crypto Influencers On Linkedin
Top 11 Crypto Influencers on LinkedIn

Now, let’s delve into the specific influencers you should follow on LinkedIn:

  1. Brian Armstrong (Coinbase CEO): With over 1 million followers and a dedicated Wikipedia page, Armstrong’s influence is undeniable. He regularly shares valuable insights on the crypto industry and promising Web3 projects.

  2. Anthony Pompliano (Investor & YouTuber): A crypto celebrity with over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, Pompliano actively discusses new coins, promising projects, and provides daily crypto market analysis through his newsletter, “The Pomp Letter”.

  3. Alex Adelman (Lolli Co-founder): Ideal for projects focused on crypto adoption, Adelman is a strong advocate for using cryptocurrencies in everyday life. His company, Lolli, allows users to earn Bitcoin cashback through online shopping.

  4. Barry Silbert (Digital Currency Group CEO): Leading a major investment firm heavily invested in crypto, Silbert is a prominent figure with valuable insights into the market. He actively shares his analysis and forecasts with his vast social media audience.

  5. Paul McNeal (Crypto Investor): Renowned for his deep knowledge of blockchain technology, McNeal provides detailed and high-quality analysis and forecasts on various crypto projects.

  6. Zachary Dash (Cryptanalyst & Blogger): Known for his in-depth reviews of trending Web3 projects, Dash offers valuable insights and investment recommendations to his followers.

  7. Andreas Antonopoulos (Author & Blockchain Advocate): A passionate believer in crypto and blockchain, Antonopoulos has authored best-selling books and creates video reviews analyzing the technological aspects of crypto projects. He’s also a frequent podcast guest.

  8. Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple CEO): Leading the popular payment system Ripple, Garlinghouse focuses on integrating blockchain technology into the financial industry, aiming to streamline cross-border transactions.

  9. Brock Pierce (Crypto Investor & Entrepreneur): An early Bitcoin investor, Pierce is a renowned crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur. He actively reviews promising projects and offers recommendations to his audience.

  10. Tyler Winklevoss (Gemini Co-founder): Working alongside his brother, Tyler Winklevoss co-founded the Gemini crypto exchange. The Winklevoss twins are known for their contributions to Facebook and their advocacy for crypto regulation and blockchain infrastructure development.

  11. Ty Smith (Coinme Co-founder & CEO): Coinme provides crypto exchange services through Bitcoin ATMs. Smith, a seasoned entrepreneur in the crypto and blockchain space, shares his valuable experience and insights with his growing social media following.


Top Crypto Influencers On Linkedin
top crypto influencers on LinkedIn

By following these top crypto influencers on LinkedIn, you can gain valuable insights into the crypto market, discover promising projects, and stay ahead of the curve. Remember, influencer marketing can be a powerful tool, so leverage these connections to build brand awareness and establish your project within the crypto community.


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