Home News Mastercard Transforming Nigerian Youths Program: Empowering MSMEs in Nigeria

Mastercard Transforming Nigerian Youths Program: Empowering MSMEs in Nigeria

Mastercard Transforming Nigerian Youths Program: Empowering MSMEs in Nigeria
Mastercard Transforming Nigerian Youths Program: Empowering MSMEs in Nigeria

The Transforming Nigerian Youths initiative, a collaboration between the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) and the Mastercard Foundation, aims to build a network of entrepreneurial and management change-makers, with a primary focus on youths and women in Nigeria’s Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector. This transformative program seeks to enhance the capacity of 40,000 MSMEs in Nigeria, with a special emphasis on women-led enterprises. The training will be offered through EDC’s online learning platform and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), allowing all learners to participate in the classes from anywhere, at any time.

Program Benefits

  • Personalized Plan for Business Growth
  • Opportunity for rewards such as Free Website Design, Google my Business profile, free CAC registration, free Logo, and more
  • Free Access to Market
  • Acquire entrepreneurial skills
  • One-on-One Advisory Services
  • Free Data for training
  • Opportunity to participate in sector-specific Competitions
  • Access to Information on Funding Opportunities

Requirements for Qualification

The program is open to youths (age 18-35 years) residing in any of the 36 States of Nigeria with a business or a business idea.

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How to Apply

If you are interested and qualified, visit the MasterCard Foundation website to apply for this transformative program.

For further details, visit the Mastercard website for comprehensive information about the Transforming Nigerian Youths program.

About the Program: Mastercard Transforming Nigerian Youths Program

The Transforming Nigerian Youths program, brought to Nigeria by the Young Africa Works-Mastercard Foundation in partnership with the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan-Atlantic University, aims to create a network of entrepreneurial and managerial change-makers, specifically targeting youths and women across the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector in Nigeria. The program endeavors to build the capacity of 40,000 MSMEs, with a special focus on agriculture and creative sectors, especially women-led businesses in Nigeria. The training will be delivered via EDC’s online learning platform and IVR (Interactive Voice Response), providing learners with convenient access to the lessons.

The core objectives of the program include:

  • Completely transforming the mindset of Nigerian youths to become more entrepreneurial and equipping them to be self-employed or job creators.
  • Creating market access and providing support services to existing business owners, especially those being run by young people.
  • Changing the way learning or information is received in Nigeria through EDC Beam.


By participating in the Transforming Nigerian Youths program, you are positioning yourself for a well-structured and successful entrepreneurial journey. Take advantage of this opportunity, engage with the content, and leverage your time efficiently to maximize the benefits of this transformative program for MSMEs in Nigeria.

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For more details, visit Mastercard website on http://reg.smetoolkit.ng/program-apply/transforming-nigerian-youths


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