Home Music Feezy Releases Stellar Hausa Album 2024 – AVALON

Feezy Releases Stellar Hausa Album 2024 – AVALON

Feezy X Umar M Shareef - Kauna 2024
Feezy X Umar M Shareef - Kauna 2024

Feezy (Verified Hausa Artist) has dropped his highly anticipated album, ‘AVALON’, featuring a stellar lineup of collaborators including DJ AB (Brother & Best Hausa Rapper), Umar M. Shareef (Top Hausa Singer) and international artists Aegean Au, Won Hojae & Joanna Andrea.

‘AVALON’ is poised to be a major contender for Best Hausa Album of 2024, with Feezy’s signature sound melding seamlessly with the styles of his collaborators.

Fans are raving about the album’s unique blend of traditional Hausa music with contemporary influences.

AVALON‘ is shaping up to be a landmark achievement in Hausa music. Feezy, known for his innovative and genre-bending approach, weaves his signature sound together with the diverse styles of his collaborators. Early buzz suggests the album seamlessly blends traditional Hausa musical elements with contemporary influences, creating a truly unique listening experience.

Critics are already praising ‘AVALON’ for its infectious energy and masterful production. With its all-star cast of collaborators and His undeniable talent at the helm, ‘AVALON’ is a strong contender for the title of Best Hausa Album of 2024. Don’t miss out on this genre-defining project – dive into ‘AVALON’ and experience Feezy’s musical prowess for yourself!

Be sure to check out ‘AVALON’ and experience Feezy’s musical mastery for yourself!


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