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Empowering the Ethereum Ecosystem: Dive Deep into the Devcon Scholars Program

Empowering the Ethereum Ecosystem: Dive Deep into the Devcon Scholars Program
Empowering the Ethereum Ecosystem: Dive Deep into the Devcon Scholars Program
The Ethereum Foundation proudly announces the triumphant return of the Devcon Scholars Program for Devcon Southeast Asia (SEA)! This transformative initiative transcends mere scholarships, fostering a vibrant community centered around collaborative learning, knowledge creation, and bridging the gap between Ethereum and other disciplines.

Program Structure: Cultivating Knowledge and Connections

Spanning from August to late November, the Devcon Scholars Program culminates at the much-anticipated Devcon conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Selected scholars will receive a comprehensive financial aid package tailored to their needs, encompassing travel (flights), accommodation, visa applications, daily allowances, and of course, Devcon tickets. A core principle of the program is ensuring inclusivity; financial need will not be a deciding factor in the selection process.

Beyond Finances: Building a Robust Ethereum Community

The Devcon Scholars Program extends far beyond financial support. It prioritizes cultivating enduring relationships, mentorship opportunities, and empowering scholars to refine their skillsets and knowledge base. Pre-conference activities include engaging online sessions where scholars can connect, embark on a collective learning journey, and prepare for the pinnacle event – Devcon itself.

Calling All Builders: Unleash Your Potential

The program seeks up to 100 passionate individuals across four distinct categories:

  • Ethereum Community Organizers: Recognizing and nurturing both established and burgeoning community leaders who spearhead local blockchain communities.
  • Law Students & Legal Minds: Cultivating a new generation of legal professionals with a strong foundation in technology, dedicated to upholding Ethereum’s core values and open-source ethos.
  • Artistic Visionaries & Sci-Fi Scribes: Uniting artists and writers to express the essence of Ethereum’s culture and values through diverse artistic mediums, culminating in a captivating exhibition showcased at Devcon.
  • Trailblazing Builders: A call to developers and builders from every discipline imaginable to push the boundaries of Ethereum’s potential, regardless of prior experience with the platform.

Eligibility and Application Process: Become a Devcon Scholar

To be considered for this life-altering program, applicants must be attending Devcon for the very first time and exhibit a commitment to dedicating roughly three hours weekly over a three-month period to online sessions and assigned tasks. The application window closes on July 7th, 2024, at 11:59 PM PST. The program actively encourages applications from individuals residing in Southeast Asia and other underrepresented communities within the ever-expanding Ethereum ecosystem. For comprehensive details on each category and a streamlined application process, visit the official Ethereum Foundation blog.

Leaving Your Mark: The Power of Shared Knowledge

Following the electrifying Devcon conference, scholars will be tasked with creating a “Learning Artifact.” This creative expression, chosen by the scholar themselves, will serve as a powerful testament to their learnings and experiences. This fosters knowledge sharing and ensures the program’s valuable insights are preserved and disseminated within the Ethereum community.

The Devcon Scholars Program: An Unparalleled Opportunity

For passionate individuals brimming with enthusiasm for Ethereum and blockchain technology, the Devcon Scholars Program presents an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the platform, forge invaluable connections, and actively contribute to the ecosystem’s exponential growth. This initiative embodies the Ethereum Foundation’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity, fostering a collaborative and diverse environment that propels the decentralized future forward.


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