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Digital Asset Inflows Surge in May, Ethereum (ETH) Sees Positive Sentiment Shift with SEC ETF Approval

Digital Asset Inflows Surge in May, Ethereum (ETH) Sees Positive Sentiment Shift with SEC ETF Approval
Digital Asset Inflows Surge in May, Ethereum (ETH) Sees Positive Sentiment Shift with SEC ETF Approval

The digital asset market is experiencing a surge in investor interest, with inflows into investment products reaching a record-breaking $2 billion in May according to CoinShares. This impressive figure contributes to a year-to-date total surpassing $15 billion for the first time, highlighting the growing confidence in this asset class.

Weekly Inflows Show Continued Momentum

The positive trend continued throughout May, with digital asset investment products recording their fourth consecutive week of inflows. This latest week saw a total of $185 million entering the market, demonstrating sustained investor appetite. However, it’s important to note that trading volumes dipped slightly to $8 billion, down from $13 billion the previous week.

Regional Breakdown: US Leads, Switzerland and Canada See Positive Shifts

The United States remained the leader in terms of inflows, contributing a net $130 million. Interestingly, incumbent ETF issuers experienced outflows of $260 million during this period.

Elsewhere, Switzerland witnessed its second-largest week of inflows this year at $36 million. Canada also reversed its recent trend, recording $25 million in inflows despite a net outflow of $39 million for the month of May. This shift suggests a potential change in sentiment among Canadian investors.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Lead the Charge

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be a magnet for investors, attracting inflows totaling $148 million last week. This strong performance is further bolstered by outflows of $3.5 million from short-bitcoin products, indicating a positive sentiment shift among ETF investors who are increasingly bullish on Bitcoin’s future.

Ethereum Flips the Script with SEC Spot ETF Approval

Ethereum (ETH) experienced a significant turnaround, recording its second consecutive week of inflows. This positive trend follows the recent SEC approval of a spot-based Ethereum ETF, which is anticipated to launch in July 2024. This regulatory greenlight marks a major turning point for Ethereum, which had previously endured a 10-week outflow period totaling $200 million. The positive news for Ethereum has also had a ripple effect on Solana (SOL), which saw an additional $5.8 million in inflows last week.

Blockchain Equities Struggle Despite Overall Market Growth

While direct investments in digital assets are flourishing, the picture for blockchain equities is less rosy. These equities experienced outflows of $7.2 million last week and a total of $516 million year-to-date. This divergence suggests that investors may be favoring direct exposure to cryptocurrencies over companies in the underlying blockchain technology space.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Digital Assets

The overall data paints a picture of a maturing digital asset market with growing investor confidence. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are leading the charge, with the approval of new financial instruments like spot-based ETFs acting as a catalyst for further growth. As the regulatory landscape evolves and new investment products emerge, the digital asset market is poised for continued expansion.

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For a deeper dive into the data and expert analysis, be sure to check out the full report on the CoinShares blog.


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