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DeStore Celebrates Success with Astar’s dApp Staking Program and Looks to the Future of Tokenized Assets

DeStore Celebrates Success with Astar's dApp Staking Program and Looks to the Future of Tokenized Assets
DeStore Celebrates Success with Astar's dApp Staking Program and Looks to the Future of Tokenized Assets

DeStore, a revolutionary project merging physical and digital assets, recently shared its successful experience with Astar Network’s dApp staking program.

This program offers exciting rewards for both developers building applications and the community that supports them. Dustin Lee, co-founder and CMO of DeStore, provided valuable insights on the program’s impact and DeStore’s vision for the future of tokenized real-world assets (RWAs).

Benefits of Astar’s dApp Staking Program

Lee emphasized the program’s multi-faceted benefits:

  • Supporting Developers and Innovation: The program incentivizes developers by rewarding them for building applications on the Astar Network. This fosters a vibrant ecosystem that encourages groundbreaking innovation within the blockchain space.
  • Targeted User Acquisition: By participating in the staking program, the community helps projects reach the right audience. This targeted approach streamlines user acquisition and fosters stronger project-user relationships.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd: Lee acknowledges that many blockchain projects struggle to differentiate themselves. Astar’s robust ecosystem and supportive community provide a launchpad for new projects to gain traction and establish themselves within the competitive blockchain landscape.

The Rise of Tokenized Real-World Assets

Lee also discussed the burgeoning trend of tokenized RWAs and their immense potential for future growth. He anticipates increased enterprise and institutional adoption, which will bolster the credibility and widespread acceptance of tokenized assets. DeStore positions itself at the forefront of this revolution by offering developers the tools they need to create “digital twins.” These digital representations verify the authenticity and ownership of both physical and digital assets, bridging the physical and digital worlds seamlessly.

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DeStore’s Expanding Reach

DeStore recently garnered significant media attention with a feature on the Discovery Channel, showcasing its web3 marketplace to a global audience. This exposure is expected to raise awareness and understanding of digital twins and Phygital NFTs, paving the way for wider adoption.

Celebrating Recent Milestones

DeStore has achieved several noteworthy milestones:

  • DEAR Wallet Launch: The Decentralized Augmented Reality (DEAR) wallet simplifies the onboarding process for both new and experienced web3 users. Introduced at the Decentralized Lugano event, the DEAR wallet offers a user-friendly gateway into the exciting world of decentralized applications.
  • Corporate Website and Project Landing Page: DeStore has launched its official corporate website alongside a dedicated landing page for projects interested in leveraging its minting standards for real-world assets.
  • Casascius Coin Revival: DeStore is reintroducing Casascius coins, the physical embodiment of Bitcoin, as collectible Phygital NFTs paired with their digital counterparts. This unique initiative bridges the gap between traditional and digital asset ownership.

DeStore Seeks Investment for Future Growth

DeStore is actively seeking investors to fuel its continued development and expansion. Interested parties can reach out via email at [email protected].

About DeStore

DeStore is a groundbreaking project aiming to redefine eCommerce by seamlessly integrating real-world and web3-based Phygital assets. This innovative approach fosters a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, ushering in a new era of interconnected commerce.


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