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Complete Guide to Over Wallet Airdrop Mainnet: Eligibility, KYC, and Claim Date

Complete Guide to Over Wallet Airdrop Mainnet: Eligibility, KYC, and Claim Date
Complete Guide to Over Wallet Airdrop Mainnet: Eligibility, KYC, and Claim Date

The Over Wallet Airdrop Mainnet is among the most anticipated events in the cryptocurrency world. With the promise of exciting features like NFT bridging and airdrops, participants are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the OVER tokens.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the mainnet launch, eligibility criteria, KYC requirements, and claim dates for the Over Wallet Airdrop Mainnet.

Mainnet Launch:
The mainnet launch for the Over Wallet Airdrop is set to coincide with the commencement of a new round of Sybil Detection. While the exact date is yet to be announced, participants can expect a seamless experience once the mainnet goes live. Following the mainnet launch, airdrops and NFT bridging activities will kick-off, opening up a world of opportunities for token holders.

New Round of Sybil Detection:
In preparation for the mainnet launch, a new round of Sybil Detection will begin in approximately one week. This process aims to verify the authenticity of participants and prevent any fraudulent activities. Furthermore, details regarding the collaborating CEX will be revealed at the start of the mission, ensuring transparency throughout the detection process.

Airdrop Guidelines:
The conversion rate for claiming OVER tokens will be determined post-Sybil Detection completion. Participants can claim their tokens via the dedicated OverWallet platform, with specific guidelines set to be unveiled soon. Notably, individuals engaged in HomeStaking, Nethers, and OKX Cryptopedia missions will be eligible for airdrops irrespective of the Sybil Detection outcomes, ensuring inclusivity within the ecosystem.

Nethers NFT Bridge:
A highlight of the Over Wallet Airdrop Mainnet is the introduction of the Nethers NFT Bridge. This feature will be operational alongside the airdrop claim process, enabling seamless transactions for NFT holders. Whether you acquire NFTs through specific channels or general means, all NFT holders stand a chance to receive airdrops through the bridging mechanism, emphasizing fairness and accessibility for the community.

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Claim Date and KYC Requirements:
As the claim date draws near, participants must stay informed about the latest updates on eligibility criteria and KYC requirements. Ensuring compliance with the KYC procedures is essential to streamline the claiming process and safeguard the Over Wallet ecosystem from potential risks.

In conclusion, the Over Wallet Airdrop Mainnet presents a compelling opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to dive into a world of innovation and rewards. By understanding the mainnet launch timeline, Sybil Detection process, airdrop guidelines, NFT bridging features, and KYC requirements, participants can maximize their chances of claiming OVER tokens successfully. Stay tuned for more updates on the claim date and prepare to embark on this exciting journey with Over Wallet.

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