Home News Chola Era Unearthed: Rare Panchaloha Murtis Discovered in Tamil Nadu

Chola Era Unearthed: Rare Panchaloha Murtis Discovered in Tamil Nadu

Chola Era Unearthed: Rare Panchaloha Murtis Discovered in Tamil Nadu
Chola Era Unearthed: Rare Panchaloha Murtis Discovered in Tamil Nadu

In a significant archaeological discovery, a construction project in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district unearthed a trove of rare Panchaloha murtis and artifacts dating back to the illustrious Chola era. This remarkable find sheds new light on the religious and cultural practices of this powerful dynasty.

Unearthing the Past

The discovery unfolded in Kolirayanpettai village near Papanasam, where property owner Mohammed Faizal initiated construction for a house. During routine digging, workers stumbled upon a hidden cache of historical artifacts. The unmistakable sound of metal beneath the earth led to further excavation, revealing a collection of well-preserved Panchaloha murtis and ceremonial objects believed to have been used in religious rituals during the Chola period.

Treasures of the Chola Dynasty

The discovered murtis depict revered deities like Somaskandar, Chandrasekharar, and Thirugnanasambandar. These exquisite pieces offer invaluable insights into the Chola dynasty’s religious beliefs and artistic prowess. The Cholas, renowned for their contributions to art and architecture, left an enduring legacy on South India.

Significance of the Find

Authorities from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) were promptly notified and secured the site. An ASI official overseeing the excavation emphasized the immense significance of this discovery. “They provide invaluable insights into the religious and cultural practices of the Chola dynasty,” the official remarked.

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Tamil Nadu’s Rich Archaeological Landscape

This discovery adds another chapter to Tamil Nadu’s rich tapestry of archaeological finds. Previous years witnessed similar unearthings, such as 14 ancient murtis and pedestals crafted from Panchaloha near Pattukottai in 2017 and six Hindu murtis discovered during foundation digging in Perambalur district in 2021.

Promise for the Future

The ongoing excavation in Kolirayanpettai village holds immense promise for uncovering further artifacts. Preliminary assessments suggest the artifacts date back to the Chola period (9th to 13th century CE), a time marked by artistic and religious advancements. Experts believe these artifacts were likely buried for protection during periods of unrest or the decline of temple structures.

Local Pride and Cultural Heritage

The discovery has sparked immense local interest and pride. It underscores Tamil Nadu’s role as a custodian of India’s diverse cultural heritage. As the excavation progresses, authorities prioritize the careful handling and preservation of the site’s historical significance.

Safeguarding the Past for Future Generations

The unearthed artifacts will undergo further examination and meticulous restoration efforts. These measures will ensure their safeguarding for future generations, allowing them to continue enriching our understanding of Tamil Nadu’s past and the enduring legacy of the Chola dynasty.


The unearthing of these ancient treasures in Tamil Nadu serves as a powerful reminder of the region’s vibrant history and cultural significance. Researchers and historians eagerly await further discoveries that will shed light on the Chola dynasty’s fascinating story and its lasting impact on South India.


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