Home Biography BIOGRAPHY: Nafisat Abdullahi Top Kannywood Actress

BIOGRAPHY: Nafisat Abdullahi Top Kannywood Actress

BIOGRAPHY: Nafisat Abdullahi Top Kannywood Actress
BIOGRAPHY: Nafisat Abdullahi Top Kannywood Actress

Nafisat Abdullahi (born Nafisat Abdulrahman Abdullahi) is a prominent Nigerian actress, filmmaker, director, and entrepreneur. Renowned for her captivating performances in Kannywood movies, Nafisat has garnered numerous accolades throughout her successful career.

This biography explores her journey from a promising young talent to a multi-faceted influencer within the Nigerian film industry.

Nafisat Abdullahi Biography: Early Life and Education

Born on January 23, 1991, in Jos North, Plateau State, Nigeria, Nafisat hails from a Hausa Muslim family. Her father, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdullahi, was a successful car dealer. Nafisat attended Airforce Private School in Jos before continuing her education at Government Girls Secondary School, Dutse, Abuja. Following her passion for the arts, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Jos. Her educational pursuits further extended to the prestigious London School of Photography, where she honed her skills in photography.

Flourishing Acting Career

Nafisat’s acting career blossomed at the young age of 19. In 2010, she landed a breakthrough role in the film “Sai Wata Rana,” co-starring alongside Kannywood legend Ali Nuhu. This marked the beginning of a string of successful films, including “Blood and Henna” (2012), which garnered critical acclaim and nominations at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. Nafisat’s exceptional talent was recognized with “Best Actress” awards for her performances in “Lamiraj” (2013) and “Ya Daga Allah” (2014), solidifying her position as a leading actress in Kannywood.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures

Beyond her thriving acting career, Nafisat is a remarkable entrepreneur. She established Watch Tower Productions, a film production company, demonstrating her multifaceted approach to the film industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit extends to other ventures, including ownership of a makeup brand and a boutique.

Personal Life

Nafisat keeps her personal life largely private. However, it is known that she has remained unmarried and focused on her flourishing career.

Social Media Presence

Nafisat actively connects with her fans through social media. She boasts a significant following on Instagram (nafeesat_official) and Twitter (@___Nafeesa).

Role Model and Inspiration

Nafisat Abdullahi serves as a role model for aspiring actresses and entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Her dedication, talent, and business acumen have paved the way for a remarkable career.


Nafisah Abdullahi’s remarkable journey continues to inspire. Her influence transcends acting, extending to the realms of filmmaking, business, and social media. As she ventures into new endeavors, Nafisat Abdullahi undoubtedly remains a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian entertainment industry.


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