Home Biography BIOGRAPHY: Matthew Pinfield Net Worth 2024

BIOGRAPHY: Matthew Pinfield Net Worth 2024

BIOGRAPHY: Matthew Pinfield Net Worth 2024
BIOGRAPHY: Matthew Pinfield Net Worth 2024

Matthew Pinfield is a name synonymous with alternative rock music. His infectious passion for music, combined with his vast knowledge and engaging personality, has captivated audiences for decades.

This article delves into Pinfield’s impressive career journey, from his early days as a radio DJ to his iconic stint on MTV’s legendary show 120 Minutes, all the way to his current endeavors. We’ll also explore his estimated net worth in 2024.

Early Life and Stepping into the Music Scene

Born in 1961 in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Matthew Pinfield’s love for music blossomed early on. He honed his skills at WRSU-FM, the Rutgers University radio station, serving as both an on-air host and music director. This early experience would prove to be a valuable stepping stone for his future success.

The Rise of a Radio and Club DJ (1980s)

In the vibrant New Jersey alternative rock scene of the 1980s, Pinfield found his calling. He landed a coveted position at WHTG-FM, a pioneering station that championed alternative music. His talent as a DJ quickly garnered him a loyal following. Pinfield’s influence extended beyond the airwaves – he became the main DJ at The Melody Bar, a renowned alternative music club in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Under his leadership, The Melody Bar cemented its reputation as a hotbed for emerging talent.

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National Recognition: MTV’s 120 Minutes and Beyond (1990s)

Pinfield’s passion and expertise caught the attention of MTV, the music television giant. In 1995, he landed the coveted role of host on 120 Minutes, a show dedicated to alternative and indie rock that had a profound impact on music culture. His charismatic presence and in-depth knowledge of music resonated with viewers nationwide, solidifying his place as a leading figure in alternative music. Pinfield’s tenure on 120 Minutes extended until 1999, leaving an indelible mark on the show’s legacy.

A Multi-faceted Career: From Television to Records (2000s-Present)

Pinfield’s career transcended the confines of 120 Minutes. He went on to host various shows across the MTV family of networks, including MTV2 and VH1. He also ventured beyond television, hosting Farmclub.com, a live music show on the USA Network. Pinfield further diversified his portfolio by serving as vice president of A&R and artist development for Columbia Records, a testament to his keen music industry acumen. In recent years, he has continued to keep his finger on the pulse of music, working as a DJ and television host on various radio stations and networks.

Estimated Net Worth (2024)

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Matthew Pinfield’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2024. This figure reflects his long and successful career in the music industry, encompassing various roles as a DJ, host, producer, and record executive.


Matthew Pinfield’s dedication to music has left an undeniable mark on the industry. His influence extends beyond entertainment – he has been a champion for alternative and indie music, providing a platform for emerging artists and fostering a love for music in countless fans. As Pinfield continues his multifaceted career, his passion and knowledge remain a constant source of inspiration for music lovers everywhere.


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