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Ado Gwanja – Amada EP 2021

Ado Gwanja – Amada EP 2021
Ado Gwanja – Amada EP 2021

Ado Isah Gwanja, a prominent figure in the Hausa music scene, returns with his captivating project, the “Amada” (EP). Released in 2021, this EP showcases Gwanja’s talent and his dedication to promoting Hausa music on a global scale.

A Deep Dive into “Amada” (EP):

  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Release Date: 2021
  • Number of Tracks: 6
  • Collaborations: 1 track featuring Ali Jita

Tracklisting (potential, based on available information):

  1. Amada
  2. Kyan Rawa
  3.  Mai Kidan Kujera
  4.  An Gamu
  5. Ameenah
  6.  Na Saba Dani Dake

Musical Style and Significance:

The “Amada” (EP) is likely steeped in the infectious rhythms of Afrobeats, a genre that has taken the world by storm. Gwanja’s signature style, infused with Hausa cultural influences, is sure to resonate with fans who appreciate the energy and vibrancy of Afrobeats music.

This EP goes beyond mere entertainment. It’s a powerful statement that amplifies Hausa music and artistry on a global platform. By showcasing his talent and collaborating with artists like Ali Jita, Gwanja is paving the way for a wider recognition of Hausa music’s immense potential.

Beyond the Music: Supporting Hausa Artistic Talent

The call to action, “Let’s Show Them AREWA GOT TALENT,” highlights the broader message behind “Amada” (EP). Gwanja is not just promoting himself; he’s advocating for the entire Hausa artistic community. By supporting this EP and other works by Hausa artists, listeners can contribute to this movement and help bring the rich tapestry of Hausa culture to the forefront of the global music scene.

Where to Find “Amada” (EP):

The “Amada” (EP) is likely available on various streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Boomplay. A simple online search for “Ado Gwanja Amada EP” should lead you to the appropriate listening options.

In Conclusion:

Ado Gwanja’s EP is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a celebration of Hausa music and a call to action for global recognition. This EP is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys Afrobeats or is interested in exploring the vibrant world of Hausa music. Let’s support Ado Gwanja and other Hausa artists in their mission to share their unique talents with the world!


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